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Thursday, February 08, 2007

On Strike (posted by Ann)

Two strike related stories for you.

First, are you aware that there is a 100 year old water dispute that is being settled in Bangalore, India, and they are expecting civil unrest/strikes/demonstrations as a result? The last time there was an announcement, 18 people died. Now, what's really interesting is that they delayed the announcement of the verdict since there was an air show in Bangalore this week. It's true, I tell you, it's true.

Those of you who know me are, I'm sure, amazed. I do not follow current events or watch the news, and I avoid politics like the plague. So why do I know about this event on the other side of the world? Simple. We are going to close the office there, so it affects the work they are doing.

Second, I am on strike. Really.

We lost our great housekeeper, Jeni. I have bad housekeeper karma. We've lost them to divorce-and-need-a-real-job, my-son-is-allergic-to-your-dog, we're-moving, and now illness-in-the-family. Seriously, I feel guilty hiring the next one. I feel like I'm bringing on bad mojo.

But on to the strike. I refuse to cook dinner unless the kitchen is clean. So tonight I look and it's mostly clean, except the counters. What is it about counters? I don't get it. So I pouted but I cooked. Tomorrow the foot comes down. Not clean, no dinner.

So, more India pictures. Of course, I shopped while I was there. I got a beautiful pashmina shawl, and here I am wrapped in it. Like the pattern? It's not printed, it's hand embroidered. All seven feet of it, in teeny-tiny stitches. It's gorgeous, light and warm, and I love the work that went into it. Here's a close-up.

Now to other shopping - the Indian women wear saris or salwaar kameez. That is loose pants and a tunic that fits over it with slits up the sides, and a long scarf that you can drape over your head or just around you. They are really comfortable, out of the finest cotton imaginable, and just beautiful. So here we are in our salwaar kameez, me and two other women who traveled with me. Embroidered, lined, and tailored to fit, it cost all of $32. I'd have paid that for the scarf that came with it.

And here's part of what I knit on the trip. One whole sock (except I haven't kitchenered the toe yet), and the leg of another. I also worked on another project, but it's a gift so no pictures.

I'm off to Detroit tomorrow to get beat up. (unhappy client) Wish me luck!


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Third Sister said...

Wow! I want one of all of those Indian garments. But, I guess if you're closing the office it isn't happening. Drat. Closing forever or just until the incident is over?


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