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Lani and Ann are the Weaver sisters!

Lani's household consists of Steve, the long-suffering coding genius and computer security guru; Jim, Lani's tall, red-headed and handsome son, currently finishing his second year of college; Hunter, Jasmine, Himari, Chenault, the miraculous Onyx and the even more miraculous Resk, undisputed feline rulers of the house; and Jesse, the man-hating green-cheeked conure.

Ann's household consists of Don, who is not just a computer genius but a pilot, a builder, and a damn good father; their son Steve, the marathon-running, college-bound, funniest teenager I know; and wonder dog Tater.

Other family members are Laurie, Lani's beautiful daughter who teaches at elementary levels; her handsome son Alex, aka Alexander the Great; Mary and Bo, a/k/a Mom and Dad, and Bud and Ann, Steve's patient and wonderful parents.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can I Have It? (posted by Ann)

Since Lani isn't posting these days, I'm doing it for her. She sent me this picture of a shawl she finished.

Isn't that the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? Isn't she talented?

So - can I have it? Please? Pretty please? It matches my eyes, and I'd be oh-so-grateful, and I'll wear it a lot I promise, and please??

You'll be my favorite sister forever! (Ignoring the fact that you're my only sister!)

Please? Huh? Can I?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did Yogi get you? (posted by Ann)

No? Then where are you? I'm waiting for pictures of wildflowers, and birds, and I want to hear what date your last snowfall was!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Finally! (posted by Ann)

It was sunny (at least for a few minutes!) and it was great!! It was really breezing up, as you can see from how I'm wedged in the stern trying to stay upright. We eventually reefed the sails (made them smaller) so it was a little easier going. You can see in this picture that we only have about half the mainsail out, and no jib at all. (The jib is the one at the front of the boat, and you can see it all rolled up like a windowshade at the far left of the picture).
I even caught Don goofing around.

My only issue - see that orange tube of sunscreen in the first two pictures? Guess who decided that since it clouded over they didn't need to use it . . .

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sailing Season (posted by Ann)

I have angered the sailing gods. Look at this weather forecast.

Tom Skilling's 7-day forecast
87 71
-2008's highest temperature/humidity combo to date! Thunderstorm clusters threaten at times this morning -- some may produce downpours. Then pt. sunny, windy from the south with gusts past 20 m.p.h., very warm, humid. New storms may erupt far northern sections at times this afternoon/evening. Partly cloudy, windy, warm and muggy overnight.
88 68
Partly cloudy, quite windy from the south/southwest with gusts near 40 m.p.h., very warm and humid. Active thunderstorms threaten in the afternoon/evening.
86 70
Continued warm and humid. Scattered t-storms in the morning followed by partly sunny skies. An isolated t-storm or two may occur in the afternoon?
82 67
Position of frontal boundary to set-up huge north/south temperature spead. Cloudy intervals, not quite as warm, but still humid. Clusters of showers/thunderstorms.
89 71
Turning very warm and humid again as warm front shifts north. Intervals of clouds and sun. South winds increase 10-22 m.p.h. Scattered thunderstorms possible early.
89 69
Sun and building clouds. Very warm and humid. Downpour-generating thunderstorms threaten late. Gusty southerly winds which pass 20 m.p.h. at times.
80 62
Good deal of cloudiness. Not as warm. Waves of showers and thunderstorms. Heavy rainfall possible. Turning cooler Wednesday night.
You should see the visual - this picture shows for Every. Single. Day.I think I'm going to try to treat sailing in the rain as a new skill to be learned, because otherwise I won't see the boat at all this month.