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Monday, May 09, 2011

10 Random Things (posted by Ann)

1. Knitting - I am finished! That shawl I've been working on forever is DONE! I will be washing and blocking it this week, since I am lucky enough to be working at home all week, and I'll have pictures to show. While I've been working on it I finished one sock, and about half a baby sweater. The shawl required concentration and good light, none of which are always available, so there were some other projects that snuck in.

2. Since I posted last, we celebrated Don's birthday on April 15. Don and I were both traveling that week (of course) and we managed to meet in Boston on the 14th, then went up to visit our friends, Dennis and Cheri. Don wanted a helicopter for his birthday (no, not full size, this time it's a model - we already have two airplanes!), so I ordered the model and had it mailed to Dennis. I sent him a note letting him know it was coming - and then didn't notice that the note bounced. Did I mention that Dennis' birthday is right after Dons?? I'm sure you see what's coming, unfortunately I was bouncing from coast to coast that week and was oblivious. Yep, Dennis received the box, thought it was for him, and opened it. Then he sends Don a note telling him he's playing with the helicopter and it's really cool. Then - it gets worse - Don sends a reply saying "if anyone but you was playing with my birthday present I'd kill them." Dennis was mortified.

Well, it all worked out in the end, since we left the model helicopter with Dennis and got Don another one, but I felt pretty bad. Don and Dennis are still laughing about it.

3. I am doing some work on acquisitions for my company, and was talking to the team this morning. I asked where my next trip would be - last one was Paris - and they said Hawaii. I told them I was born there but hadn't been back. There was a silence, and then one of the guys said,

"I'm going to need to see your birth certificate."

4. In the last week I was in Zurich, London, somewhere outside London that involved an hour and a half train ride to get there, and a day trip to Paris. I have officially decided that is too much travel for one 7 day period, and my ankles agree. Even with the lovely elastic tights I have to wear now, when I got home I had cankles. Ick.

5. Steve ate two-week-old turkey, got food poisoning, tried to tough it out and wound up calling 911. He then spent the night in the hospital. This happened, of course, while we were out of town. Steve called our good friend, Dr. Ann, who ditched whatever fun thing she had planned on a Friday night and went to the hospital to make sure he was okay. And he was. He says that he's not ever eating turkey again.

6. Steve got Dr. Ann an orchid for Mother's Day, which was an appropriate response to #5. Steve got me an orchid for Mother's Day, which I thought was very appropriate as well. It's in my office.

7. Our niece, Kristin, graduated with her MBA. Don was in New Jersey, I was in New York, so we managed to make it to her graduation ceremony. It was great to see her, and I hope she will come to visit this summer. Don's brother, Dennis, (not the previously mentioned Dennis, Don's friend) cried at the graduation, which made me cry.

8. Steve has finished school for the semester and he got a job at Panera. They call it "Planet Bread".

9. I am at home for an entire week. 7 blissful days.

10. And for a belated Mother's Day thought have a look at this. I can just add - Amen.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Charlotte said...

And I thought my life was out of control! Come to Denver June 17, I'll be there with Lani. :)

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Charlotte said...

Hey! Tried this once but it didn't post. I'll be in Denver June 17-20 with Lani. Come too!


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