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Lani and Ann are the Weaver sisters!

Lani's household consists of Steve, the long-suffering coding genius and computer security guru; Jim, Lani's tall, red-headed and handsome son, currently finishing his second year of college; Hunter, Jasmine, Himari, Chenault, the miraculous Onyx and the even more miraculous Resk, undisputed feline rulers of the house; and Jesse, the man-hating green-cheeked conure.

Ann's household consists of Don, who is not just a computer genius but a pilot, a builder, and a damn good father; their son Steve, the marathon-running, college-bound, funniest teenager I know; and wonder dog Tater.

Other family members are Laurie, Lani's beautiful daughter who teaches at elementary levels; her handsome son Alex, aka Alexander the Great; Mary and Bo, a/k/a Mom and Dad, and Bud and Ann, Steve's patient and wonderful parents.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Day! (posted by Ann)

Well, since I work from home, I don't have a snow day but Steve and Don do! Look at our back porch - this is a record storm for us, we don't usually get this much snow over the entire winter, much less all at once. I have Tater in the frame for scale. We have about two feet of snow on the ground here. Don's tractor is overwhelmed, it won't handle this much, so the guys are out shoveling by hand - all the way out our long, long driveway. What a job!

Lani, I have your salsa chicken in the slow cooker, and am looking forward to a nice lunch (and dinner too, most likely).

While I was with them last week, I finished another hat for Steve - I can almost knit them as fast as he can lose them - and realized that Dad might like it. So here he is modeling a hat, and I finished another one for Steve on the way home.
And Mom in her natural element. Yes, that's a pound cake, and I have an entire story to tell about "The Cake", as we refer to it here. More later.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger kathy b said...

WHat., no cake recipe ? It looks so wonderful. The hat for your dad is so sweet

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Lani said...

How'd the salsa chicken turn out for you? I'm dying to hear the cake story ... if I promise to make a post, will you tell it?

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Salsa chicken is all I want to eat, it was wonderful!

If you make a post I will write about the cake. Promise.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger kathy b said...

What do you mean by if I make a post. You know I will post about your cake if that is what you MEAN. All smiles:

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Lani said...

She means me, she's trying to shame me into posting ... ok fine then, if that's what it takes to hear about the cake, I'll post. You have to post the recipe for Kathy too, though!

At 2:23 PM, Blogger kathy b said...


I just left a message on your sister's post. IN a nutshell, Dorothy played take and replace and she is mailing the box out to you tomorrow. YEs! Please let me know when you get it. INclude a picture of your takes so I can share with everyone.
cannot believe the box will then be back to me! IM excited! Thansk


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