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Ann's household consists of Don, who is not just a computer genius but a pilot, a builder, and a damn good father; their son Steve, the marathon-running, college-bound, funniest teenager I know; and wonder dog Tater.

Other family members are Laurie, Lani's beautiful daughter who teaches at elementary levels; her handsome son Alex, aka Alexander the Great; Mary and Bo, a/k/a Mom and Dad, and Bud and Ann, Steve's patient and wonderful parents.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Multi-tasking (posted by Ann)

Dear Lani,

That's a cute kitty, and Onyx fits him well. I agree that Hunter is very tolerant. Onyx eminds me of Charlotte's Chad, who is also all black, but Chad is a vampire kitty. He has an overbite and his fangs peek out. Very cute, unless he's growling at you.

You'll have to tell me how you like your camera. I've been thinking about a new one so I don't have to share with Don, and also so I can get one that will work with my PC. For some reason, the camera we have and my PC don't get along and I can't quite get it figured out.

It would be great to have my Arrrgh!yle socks done in time, but I don't think that even with a very simple sock pattern I could do a pair in a month. Maybe if I had a few 8 hour flights sprinkled in there, but thank goodness I don't have that to look forward to anytime soon. I'll have to have them done for next year's Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I've been so busy this past week, I've been thinking a lot about multi-tasking. Mostly wishing I could do it, because I have to confess, I'm terrible at it. I can do lots of things well, I just can't do them at the same time. I can't watch TV and have a conversation, I have trouble following a conversation in a noisy place - I don't multi-task well. The only exception is knitting/crocheting/needlepoint/embroidery/cross-stitch/etc. and a conversation, TV, or anything else.

Just don't ask Don about the conversation-while-knitting, it's a bit of a sore point. Maybe I'm just deluding myself about that exception.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I discovered that while I'm on a conference call I have a bit of a problem behaving myself. And no, I don't make inappropriate comments or snort when someone says something I don't agree with. I try to multi-task. You know, e-mail, the piles on my desk, whatever. And it never works. Inevitably I realize there is this long pause, and I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER the current topic, what anyone has said, or what I should say. Not good. So, I discovered that if I did something that was sort of brainless but just enough to keep my hands busy, that it worked. I didn't mis-behave anymore.

Knitting, just your basic stockinette that requires no thought, works. But I do have a bit of a problem knitting in my office. Even with the door closed. I can just imagine my boss walking in and I'd get that look. The look like "I knew I should have hired a guy, he wouldn't be knitting instead of working".

So - I discovered origami. Specifically, cranes. I can fold them with no thought required, I don't get that look, and besides I think it would be cool to fold 1,000 of them. There's a legend about 1,000 cranes. Maybe when I'm finished I'll get a wish - or a new job - whatever!

I used to give them away, but I've started saving them. Here's my current collection in my office.

I'm on #158. How do I know? Well, I number them. And date them. And write down who I was talking to on the phone.

Just thought you might wonder what they were paying me to do these days.

The sailing didn't work out so well this week. I got caught in the harbor by a line of strong thunderstorms, and after I dashed below I realized what I left out in the rain. And yes, I did go out rescue it. At least I was on the boat . . .


At 9:45 PM, Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

oo i have heard about the 1000 cranes.. it hink it was an episode of "northern exposure".. weird the things i remember and the things i dont .. hmm..

and yes Onyx IS a good name

At 7:28 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

Love the cranes! There's a lady at our flea market here who makes strings of them in the same hues, and then sells them. Maybe she's got the same dilemma, Lol.

I think for 1000 you're going to need a few more baskets, though! :)

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Natalie, I'm trying to find out how to do the stringing thing, otherwise I'm going to be run out of my office!


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