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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

But they love you! (posted by Ann)

I know you've had a hard few weeks, but I'll tell you that your customers are appreciative of what you do. You won't brag on yourself, so I'll brag on you. I'm going to share a really nice e-mail that you got (and shared with Mom, thus making sure that everyone in the world knows about it).

>Date: 08/13/2007 09:34AM
>Subject: Fw: A great call after a bad night
>Dear Lani,
>What a terrific job performed by you and your crew! My sincere
>THANKS and Congratulations for a job well done. To have passengers
>cheering and clapping because of you & your crews performance says it
>Air Wisconsin Crewmembers "Shine" where others do not, something you
>can be very proud of!
>GREAT JOB, Thank you for all you do each and every day!
>Inflight Manager Norfolk
>MANAGER/AWAC on 08/13/2007 08:30 AM -----
>08/10/2007 08:54 AM
>Subject: A great call after a bad night
>To all,
> This morning I received a call from a USAir mainline pilot
>(XXXXXXXXXXXXX) who was dead heading on flight 3975 from LGA to PIT.
> As is often the case LGA tanked last night and delays were the worst
>this long time USAir mainline pilot had ever seen, he stated that the
>entire airport was a mess. He went on to chronicle that in the midst
>of this meltdown was a shining example of the airline industry, and
>that was our crew, that consisted of Capt XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, FO XXXXXX
>XXXXXXXXXXXX, and Flight Attendant Lani Weaver. This flight suffered
>many delays, including one return to gate for fuel, it eventually
>departed LGA 5 hours late. Captain XXXXXXXXXX stated that he had never
>seen a crew pull together and keep the passengers so informed and happy.
> The information from the cockpit was timely and informative. From
>talking with Captain XXXXXXXX it quickly became clear that the
>relationship that Lani Weaver developed with her passengers was one
>that should stand out as an example for all! In the midst of the
>turmoil she actually had the passengers clapping and in the end
>cheering her efforts. Captain XXXXXXXXX stated that every passenger
>agreed to write in letters, and not a single person was unhappy with
>the delay.
> It is clear that this crew is a fine example of all that
>embodies Air Wisconsin, and beyond their standard duties went above
>and beyond to make a negative experience into a rewarding and
>positive experience for our customers.
> I will be contacting Capt XXXXXXXXX myself as she is a close
>friend and a check airman for me. I will chronicle the pleasure of
>the passengers to her and I will pass on the company's thanks.
> XXXXXXXX, and XXXX, it would be great if you guys find the time to talk
>with this crew directly to thank them for their efforts, it is a
>great success story for our crews and the ORF domicile. Thanks!
>CL-65 Fleet Manager
>FOQA Manager
>Air Wisconsin Airlines


At 11:53 AM, Blogger Lani said...

Bah. Last time I share crap with you guys! I won't delete it but I did quick X out names and delete email addresses and phone numbers, lest the wrath of those people whose private info was posted come down hard on my head.

I've flown with some good crews, but that particular one was the best. We were all on the same page during that entire hideous trip, and all we did that particular night was what was right. We acted the way we'd like the crew to act if we were passengers on a plane in that situation. It isn't (or shouldn't be) anything special to treat your passengers like real human beings and care about them. It's just sad that apparently it's unusual enough to merit a letter.

At 5:11 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Oops. Sorry I was in a hurry and didn't think about the personal information - glad you caught it and deleted it!

I won't always post stuff like that, but seriously, it was just the right thing to do after your rant blog.


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