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Lani's household consists of Steve, the long-suffering coding genius and computer security guru; Jim, Lani's tall, red-headed and handsome son, currently finishing his second year of college; Hunter, Jasmine, Himari, Chenault, the miraculous Onyx and the even more miraculous Resk, undisputed feline rulers of the house; and Jesse, the man-hating green-cheeked conure.

Ann's household consists of Don, who is not just a computer genius but a pilot, a builder, and a damn good father; their son Steve, the marathon-running, college-bound, funniest teenager I know; and wonder dog Tater.

Other family members are Laurie, Lani's beautiful daughter who teaches at elementary levels; her handsome son Alex, aka Alexander the Great; Mary and Bo, a/k/a Mom and Dad, and Bud and Ann, Steve's patient and wonderful parents.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Most Medicated Blogger (posted by Ann)

Maybe I should explain that. I had my gum surgery yesterday, and I look like a chipmunk today. (No, no pictures.) As compensation, I am enjoying better living through chemistry. All went well, and I think I'll be off the drugs tomorrow and probably back to work by Friday. In the meantime, if I say anything stupid, I have a great excuse.

Boy, do I have a lot to talk about! That's what happens when I don't post for over a month. Get a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, because this will take you a while. I'm voting for the wine because then you'll be chemically enhanced just like I am.

Let's start with what Charlotte sent me. She made me a boat bag which is absolutely fabulous, and I have pictures to prove it. Please note how well it fits on the boat, the great fabric and sailboat trim, the monogram, the CAT embroidery and Charlotte's name tag - it is even the right size for all the sunscreen, bug spray, hats, fleece jacket, etc. that go on the boat with me. It's perfect!!

Don even got into the act and modeled it for us.

The CAT bag went for our last sail of the season, which I'm sad to announce was last Saturday. It was a beautiful day, as you can see. This picture is one of the other boats that was headed up with us going by the lighthouse at the harbor mouth.

I snapped this one because it cracks me up. It looks like a mother duck with all the babies, doesn't it? I really want one of those little boats - they look like so much fun!

Steve's been busy with Cross Country, though the season is over. I got pulled into helping host an end-of-season bonfire, and of course - you guessed it - I'm cooking again. We'll see how many RSVP, I don't think it will be quite as big as the pasta party. And - woo hoo! - it's not at my house. I'll gladly make 30 lbs. of sloppy joes if it's not going to be here! Here are three slide shows for you to watch, and I believe I have two more to come.

The Antioch Invite has lots of pictures that Lani took too, though as she mentioned we managed to not get any pictures of ourselves. It was a great visit, and I am jealous that she got to see you in Bar Harbor. I've never been there, but I'd sure love to sail there one of these years.

I have been working on photos trying to get together some for the end of the year banquet, so they can have a "best 3" of each of the runners. I have taken a lot, as you all know, but I really wanted to do some work on them so I got Photoshop. I'm addicted! It's complicated, but it can really make a difference. Look at a couple of before and after shots and you'll see what I mean by that.

On this last one, I'm still trying to figure out how to blur the background so just the runner in the middle is crisp. I know it can be done, but probably not at my medication level. I'll show some more once I figure out how to get more things done. It's really fun!

Well, I'm off to take more drugs and put more ice on my poor swollen face. I'll leave you with these pictures - Tater is so big that he doesn't quite all fit on the couch at once, so here he is on the couch one half at a time.


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