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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gee, thanks! and other trivia (posted by Ann)

Trying to share your problems? Thanks loads, Sis! Let's see if I can come up with 7 things that meet your same criteria . . .

1) Even though I love food and cooking, I'm really not a fan of the most high-end, avant garde restaurants. I do get taken to them from time to time, and my favorite example of why I don't like it is an appetizer I was once served that was "inspired by boullaibaisse", and when served was - well, it was fish jello. Ick.

2) Don and I are planning to "retire a little" at 55, and take two years off. We'll go back to work after that, but I want us to enjoy life for a little while. That's seven years, seven months, and eight days from today (not that I'm counting or anything).

3) The perfect job for me would be running a bed and breakfast somewhere fabulous. Lots of people, and if you don't like them they aren't staying forever!

4) I don't like to shop. I like to buy, but I'm over the shopping thing in about an hour.

5) My stash of UFO's is really, really bad. I love the handwork part, but getting it framed or making it into a pillow isn't any fun, so I just don't do it. I actually have a pillow top I embroidered in high school that is still not a pillow. 30 years was not long enough for me to finish it . . .

6) I don't like chocolate chip cookies.

7) It's Robert Redford for me.

And Lani, I have to add to your list. This one you may not even know about yourself - Steve tells me that you are a "really good" writer, and since he is one himself he should know. I guess that's maybe not a secret, since everyone who reads this can tell which of us has that gift and which doesn't.

And now on to the trivia. I bought this orchid in bloom about a year ago, and once it was done blooming put it in my bathroom and tried not to kill it. Look at the picture - it's really happy there, don't you think?

It has this on one of the bloom stalks, which I think is another little orchid. Anyone know if I could cut it off and pot it?

Don has made great progress lately on the garage/airplane hanger. It has wiring, insulation, drywall and paint, and he's working on light fixtures and fans.

It is still missing the garage door and a few other odds and ends, but it's getting close to being finished. We are planning a trip down to Sebastian, Florida this summer to look at a Velocity and do a test flight. It's getting serious now, and I think this year we'll have an airplane and a half, or however you count the kit he'll buy to build.

The lilacs and the crabapples are blooming, and the peonies are up with all their little buds.

This week, I leave Tuesday night for Copenhagen, then off to Dusseldorf after that, to Paris for the weekend and a meeting Monday, then home again next Tuesday. I hate that it covers a weekend, but that's how the schedule worked. I guess another trip to the Musee d'Orsay will be a nice diversion, and maybe I can spend a little more time in the Louvre. I am also determined to go up the Eiffel Tower, since I didn't do that last time I was there, and this time it must be done. Must. Be. Done. Regardless of the line.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Lani said...

Fish jello ... ewww. That seriously makes me queasy. Yuck. I did know some of those but I did NOT know #2 or #4. I think #2 is an awesome idea, btw. Go for it.

Give Steve a huge hug for me. I don't think I'm a good writer at all, I just kinda do this stream of consciousness thing ;) Maybe that's the secret, eh?

Your orchid is obviously fabulously happy! And yes, that's a keiki, a wee baby orchid, there on the stem of your phaleonopsis. Once it forms a few nice roots you can carefully cut it off and pot it and have TWO orchids. If I remember correctly, Red used to wrap sphagnum moss around the new roots at the bottom of the keiki and keep it moist to encourage root growth to get to that point.

Grats to Don on the garage/hanger progress, and the Velocity looks really cool, and as for your trip ... Pooh on you! You couldn't do this trip at the end of the month, when I could have shamelessly tagged along ... oh no, no, you had to do it NOW, when I have to work. Grr.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Third Sister said...

In Atlanta one of the "hot" restaurants of the moment served foie gras milkshakes. I'm not sure I'd eat foie gras much less in a milkshake. Yuk!

Too bad I didn't know Don was sheetrocking. I happen to be an expert at cutting the holes in sheetrock for electrical outlets. Guess that is one of the seven things that aren't commonly known about me. All that geometry in high school plus years of sewing.

I wish I could spend a weekend in Paris! Of course having the work on the other sides wouldn't be so fun especially since I am not sure that we provide electricity in Paris. We do serve Rome and Athens. :)


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