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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Po pozyczke, y'all, and more travel news (posted by Ann)

I am in Warsaw, or War-sow-a if you pronounce it as they do. Out my hotel window is this - tell me which picture you like better.

It is evidently the tallest thing in Poland. I am on the 35th floor of the hotel, so it's pretty tall. It is the Palace of Culture and Science.

Also out my window is this. For some reason, this totally cracks me up. I have been walking around all day singing "po pozycakes", but I have to be very careful since I don't want to insult the very nice people I am visiting here. I have no idea why this is so funny to me, but it is!!

I have figured out that Polish is a really foreign language. I know, I know, they're all foreign languages and I'm the typical ugly American who doesn't speak any of them, but I will tell you that in Spanish, German or French I can recognize a word or two here and there. I can even understand the Brits. Not so in Polish! Nothing makes sense - not the exit signs (wyjszie), nothing.

In other travel news, when I was in France a couple of weeks ago I saw this restaurant.

Yes, ma'am, this is Paris, and not Paris, Texas. Somehow the Netherlands is in there with the windmill. Then I looked more closely at the sign.

Yes, indeed "Le Menu Pony Express". But the best is in red underneath the BIG BROCHETTE. Since it's hard to read, I'll tell you what it says: "Les vrais cow boys la mangient en entier". According to Mario, that means "Real cowboys eat this". What gets me is the Cow Boys. Not cowboys, Cow Boys. We're really home on the range here in Paris!
Enough travel news, I'm ready to go home. Unfortunately, it's Thursday and I don't go home until next Friday. More than a week. Yuck.

Fortunately, I will go visit Chris and Mike this weekend in Amsterdam, and that should be fun. Then lots of work in the UK and a quick trip to Belgium on Wednesday (it's a two hour train ride - isn't that awesome!), yet more work in the UK on Thursday, and HOME!!! on Friday.


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Lani said...

Po pozycakes indeed! Apparently that means something about loans -- although I have to tell you that when I googled "Po pozyczke" your post was the first result, so take my translation with a large grain of salt. Perhaps even a salt block. Maybe one of the Cow Boys has one of those you can borrow.

I like the night picture best, but dang if that isn't a gorgeous building day or night. At least you're seeing pretty (and pretty amusing) sights if you can't be home.

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Charlotte said...

And, yes, I'd buy a cozy in fuschia! I think David would be rolling on the floor laughing at me trying to make it do all those things.

I like the night picture as well. Be sure to get some chocolates in Belgium! A friend in Florida used to get her husband to buy them for me. Wish I knew the name of the shop.


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