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Monday, October 30, 2006

Eet smakelijk (posted by Ann)

Yes, indeed, eet smakelijk.

What's that? You don't know what that means? Well, let's see - how about three choices?

1) Eat your smoked eel
2) Enjoy your meal
3) Eek! a snake

Oh, all right, I guess it was too obvious. That's the sign on my room service tray tonight in Amsterdam, and on the other side it was in English. It means enjoy your meal, of course. Smoked eel isn't the only thing they serve in the Netherlands, you know - sometimes you get buttermilk, too.

This is my last post from Europe, I go home Wednesday. I'm ready to be there, this has been a long trip.

I worked in our Paris office today, and had the best meal of the trip for lunch. It was four courses, along with two wines, and was absolutely wonderful. In Chicago, you're lucky if you get a sandwich with a bottle of water, but in the Paris office you get langoustines for a starter, wonderful chicken with swiss chard and some divine sauce, butter lettuce salad with melted cheese and a baked apple in pastry with pepper ice cream along with two wines, one white and one red, and espresso. For lunch.

I am noticing some things about manners - in the states, you don't really clean your plate. In France, you are supposed to clean it, as a matter of fact that's what they give you bread for - so you can mop the last of the wonderful sauce off it. Also, remember all that keep your hands in your lap unless you're eating stuff? Not so here, you're supposed to keep both hands above the table (but not elbows on the table). And I'm always the last to finish when I don't think I'm a particularly slow eater. It's interesting to notice some of these differences, and unbelievably hard to do things differently. Mom, you should be proud that you trained those Southern manners in me! Too bad they don't translate to France . . .

Here are a few more pictures from my Louvre visit yesterday, and walking around outside afterwards. French sculpture, french brides and french people in general. Just one thing about the Louvre before I get started with the pictures. In general, I'm not educated enough for the Louvre. It's all those math and science classes, I guess. I walked through French sculpture, then the part with the Asian Antiquities and I just don't know enough to understand what I'm looking at. I got the audio tour, but I got pissed off at the commentary when they were snarky about the dragon St. George is slaying. They said he was "obvious and naive", and I think he's the cutest dragon ever. Ever, I tell you. Just look at his face!

Those art critics. Pah. I think he's the bomb. See?

You won't hear from me for a while, I'm posted out. Maybe I'll have some knitting content next time I post . . .

Hope you are getting a little time off, but I think I remember that you really don't, you are on call immediately. Do I remember that right? Hope not for your and Steve's sake.

P.S. I promised a bride, but Blogger doesn't like her. I thought the dress was tacky too, so no bride.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Lani said...

I love that dragon. Obvious and naive, eh? Hmphf. Goes to show what art critics know.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Third Sister said...

I prefer "Eek! A snake." No wonder I didn't do well in foreign language classes. English seems foreign sometimes. I think I need some of those French lunches. Frozen WW meals have gotten old.


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