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Monday, August 28, 2006

The very model of restraint. (posted by Lani)

No, I know it's not you. It's not me either. What were you thinking??? And I can prove it's not me by telling you the following story (or by flashing my stash, but I'll save that for another day).

So this morning I washed the blanket in Dreft (it's been Onyx's favorite sleeping spot any time I set it down for more than 10 seconds without putting it away, and I'm not sending Melanie cat hair for her new baby), ran out for ribbon, threaded the ribbon through the eyelets, and took a picture.
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Think that's ruffly and girly enough? Personally, I'm thinking it'll pass. So anyway, then I went into the Pit Of Doom spare room to get the baby outfit I'd bought, and thank God I did since the kidney stone and all kinda put a kibosh on me knitting or crocheting an entire layette as I'd originally planned. But, um, do you ever buy stuff and stash it and then see something else really cute and buy it and stash it and then see something else ... yeah. Me too. I just kept pulling out baby clothes, and more baby clothes, and more baby clothes ... Baby Brianna is going to be one well-dressed munchkin. On the up side I was smart and bought a variety of sizes; 2 0-3 months, a 3-6, a 6-9, and a 1 year. And for a moment, a very brief moment, I actually thought about taking some of it back. But I mean really. Look at this stuff and tell me it's not adorable.


Check the little pink velour pants with the swing coat, lined to match the onesie. Can you see the eensy chiffon ruffle around the collar and cuffs of the coat and the hem of the pants? And both of the sundresses have panties with a ruffled butt, how cute is that? But the real winner, my favorite, is this one.

I mean, c'mon. It has a flower on the butt.

I sure hope at some point (FAR IN THE FUTURE) Laurie has a little girl. Shopping for Alex is lots of fun, but this ... this is like shopping for candy.

Anyway!! Is the card really you? Yep. It really is. Nice plaid jacket you've got there, by the way. And yes; we ARE so screwed.

But wait. You said Mom and Dad took a helicopter ride? A HELICOPTER RIDE? Mom? Are you sure that was OUR Mom who called you? Did you get an ID? I would never, ever have guessed that she would do that; I'm amazed and tickled pink. Maybe they'll actually use all the travel benefits they're about to get after all!

Speaking of travel benefits -- I got my employment package from the airline today and there's a ton of stuff that has to be memorized by the first day of training. Don't have it memorized when you show up? Bye. On the first day. That's one way to weed out the serious applicants, eh? And I have to have a plain black or navy suit and tailored white blouse before class starts too, because apparently I'll be doing a lot of flying even during the class. I haven't ever, to the best of my knowledge, owned a plain black or navy suit. Not plain in their sense of the word, anyway, and they are very clear about their sense of the word. I hate buying a damn suit that I know I'll never wear again once this is over, but I guess I'll do it. Grrr.

Oh yeah, my UFOs? I have to keep them under control. I have WAY too much yarn not to finish off some projects. Trust me on this. One day I'll flash my stash for you ... but not until I know you're sitting down, with a stiff drink in hand.


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Ann said...

If you haven't bought that suit yet, let me know. I am the queen of plain black or navy suits . . . I could probably find one in my closet to loan you. I have a few . . maybe 6 or 7 . . .

I love the blanket. Very girly.


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