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Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm Jealous! (posted by Lani)

You and 3rd Sister sound to have had an incredibly wonderful weekend, and both of you look glowingly happy in that picture. I swear to God Charlotte looks more fabulous with every passing year, doesn't she? And she's so thin! Wow! What fabulous bags she's making, too, both your purse (how cool, with pockets and tags and all yet!) and that fantastic tote she's -- well, toting. As for me ... well, let me sum up my weekend like this.

The top 5 things I hate:
5. Urinary tract infections.
4. Throwing up.
3. Hospital emergency rooms.
2. Pain.
and the #1 thing I hate is:
1. Throwing up AGAIN in a hospital emergency room, doubled up in pain AGAIN, AGAIN because of a kidney stone, only THIS TIME it had temporarily blocked my ureter and among other wonderful things caused me to develop a nice juicy UTI.
So, yeah, guess what I did on Labor Day? While normal people were at the beach, or having a picnic, or doing fun stuff with their families? Why, funny you should ask! I was, in fact, busily engaged in doing the thing I hate most in the world (at least right now).

Yes, I'm home. Yes, the stupid kidney stone came home with me, as opposed to your mountains of Marshall Fields goodness. Yes, I'm ok, at least loosely speaking; doped up on phenergan and percocet, shot full of antibiotics, and grumpy as a grizzly bear with a whole mouthful of sore teeth. And yes, I have every intention, at my urologist visit on Wednesday, of making plans to get rid of this stone no matter what it takes. Obviously I've given it too nice a home here and it has no intention of vacating on its own, so it's going to get served with eviction papers ASAP.

I'm sure it's equally obvious that no knitting or crocheting was accomplished in this house today, and odds are good none will be accomplished tomorrow either since merely typing is proving to be quite a challenge to both my brain and my fingers. I hope you weren't expecting pictures of any FO's from me any more than I was from you! Although honestly I'm thinking maybe I could finish at least the ripple portion of the T&Q afghan tomorrow while lazing around; even doped up it's only a ripple after all. Maybe after that's done I could cast on for a Heartbreakingly Cute Kimono; that looks simple enough even to knit on drugs (I've got a great chance of being forced to eat those words, I know). As for the mitred square or moderne log cabin question: did you see this Moderne? Fabulous, isn't it? I think that's my favorite of all the Moderne's I've seen. It tempts me, it does. All in all though the mitred square owns my heart. I WILL make one of those for myself, probably in Noro Silk Garden or some cheaper Noro-ish yarn, once I whip the WIPs into shape and deplete my stash enough to justify buying even one more skein of yarn.

And Annie -- I am tickled at least as pink as your walls that you liked Geisha Girl so much that she's already framed and hung. I never, ever expected her to have that honorable a place in your home, but she and you both look pleased -- and so am I :) I have absolutely no plans of doing another big cross-stitch any time in the near future, but then I've said that before, haven't I?


At 8:50 PM, Blogger Deneen said...

Oh Lani, that damn stone! It doesn't wanna leave. Make that urologist get it out tomorrow. Make sure that you let him/her know that "we" don't have the stone, but you do and you would like it removed and then "she" can do with it what she likes.

At 9:07 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

It is terrible that stone is still causing havoc in you. I am sorry. I wish it would leave you. Hang in there!

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Oh, man. Get that thing OUT!!! It's obviously not going to get out on it's own, and it seems like a bad boyfriend sort of hanging around without an invitation. So sorry you had a bad weekend!


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